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aromatherapy skincare that arouse the senses

as well as delivering optimum beauty results

Natural Skin Care


3rd & 5th Senses create skin & body care preparations. We use the finest ingredients and exquisite aromatherapy blends to make your skincare regime a pleasurable experience.


We emphasise on smell (3rd sense) and touch (5th sense) in our products. These primal, most intimate of our senses can re-connect us with our intuition and re-awaken a deep sense of pleasure in our lives. We believe that people who are in touch with their intuition and their pleasure are very charismatic, and it is our charisma that makes us beautiful.


3rd & 5th Senses source our ingredients and inspirations from U.K., Far & Middle East and the rest of the world utilising our expertise. We formulate beauty preparations that suite our modern lives as naturally and sustainable as possible.


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